Movie – Iron Man 3

I love Iron Man. I even quite liked Iron Man 2, despite its less than stellar reviews on release. I adored Stark’s 2 minute cameo at the end of The Incredible Hulk (Norton version). And The Avengers/Avengers Assemble was my favourite film of 2012. All bodes well for Iron Man 3.

It’s a good film. It’s fun, it’s full of action and much, much funnier than I was expecting. However, the switch from Jon Favreau to Shane Black is obvious from the get to, and whilst that’s not necessarily a bad thing, the very fact that it felt so organically different to Iron Man and Iron Man 2 jarred me a little. Once past that though, I had a good time.

It’s brave that Stark is so much more out of the suit than in it is this film. Despite the quick-witted writing and Downey Jnr’s typically excellent showing, I found myself urging the action scenes on. The ability for the suit to be put on and knocked off (very easily!) in individual pieces was exciting to start with but a little tired by the end. I did love all three villains and the supporting cast in Paltrow and Cheadle are strong in their own roles.

Enjoyed it but didn’t love it – a solid start to a year full of mega blockbusters that I can’t wait for (Man of Steel, Star Trek Into Darkness, Thor 2 just to name a few)! I definitely recommend you catch it on the big screen.


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