DVD Library Mission #9 – Gattaca

Gattaca wasn’t overly well-received when released; I think mainly because people were expecting an action-driven sci-fi epic. Instead, what they got was a slow-burning thriller pulsing with heart. Putting the mis-branding aside, it really is a very good, and massively under-rated, movie about dreams, love and friendship.

Ethan Hawke gives an quietly emotional performance as Vincent, supported by a well case Jude Law; which is hugely complimentary coming from me as I don’t generally enjoy Law in anything. Closer is really the only other film where he sings off the screen for me.

If you’re one of those people that watched Gattaca once and was disappointed, I urge you to give it another go, casting any expectation aside. Despite a bittersweet ending, it leaves you full of hope and an appreciation for the basic good in human beings.


About mishmashmor

I write. Well, I try to write. Far less than I should. Mainly because I'm running around after my 1 year old daughter. Or because I'm sleeping. Same thing really.
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