DVD Library Mission #8 – Inception

When this film was released, it had everybody talking – critics and public alike, and the general consensus was that it rocked. I was less giving.

I thought the film looked amazing and it was led strongly by Dicaprio (to be fair, when is he not fantastic?) and supported by a stellar cast (it helps massively that I want to do naughty things to both Tom Hardy and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and a mahoosive girl-crush on Ellen Page). But too many holes in the plot niggled at me, and I couldn’t help but keep questioning why things happened a certain way and when. Now I’m certain that is in fact the way that the film is meant to make you feel but to me, it was just annoying. I left the cinema therefore feeling frustrated.

Having said all that, when re-watching this at home (on stunning blu-ray) I was blown away. It’s almost as if, remembering somewhat was meant to happen helped the film. I was more forgiving of the holes. In honesty, I didn’t question it half as much – I just enjoyed the ride and completely loved every second.

I also changed my mind about whether or not he’s dreaming at the end…but I’ll keep that one to myself 🙂


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I write. Well, I try to write. Far less than I should. Mainly because I'm running around after my 1 year old daughter. Or because I'm sleeping. Same thing really.
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