Bookshelf Mission #4 – Hanging Hill by Mo Hayder

This is my first go at a Mo Hayder novel – they come highly recommended.

I found the book a bit hard to get into but once a couple of chapters in, it was all systems go. I’m not certain if this is a reflection on the writing but once all the various threads starting weaving together, I was so desperate to get to the end and find out who the ‘baddie’ was that I was speed-reading whole passages rather than savouring it word for word. I guess the gripping plot more than makes up for a willingness to not forego the actual text.

It’s a very clever story and keeps you guessing right ’til the end. The final few lines will leave you begging for more. I’m told it’s not one of Hayder’s best; needless to say I’ll definitely be giving her other books a go.


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I write. Well, I try to write. Far less than I should. Mainly because I'm running around after my 1 year old daughter. Or because I'm sleeping. Same thing really.
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