Movie – Welcome to the Punch

This is a good attempt at a gritty Brit thriller that I enjoyed a great deal. It’s hugely flawed though – the plot is painfully predictable and the ending is frustrating but that doesn’t mean I stil didn’t enjoy the ride.

McAvoy is an unlikely choice for the lead good guy/cop chasing down Strong (who I am now totally in love with), a longtime target and supposed bad guy of the piece. What we soon learn is that whilst Strong’s character, Jacob Sternwood, is a criminal and is McAvoy’s target, he is not the ultimate bad guy of the film.

Both leads are strong and very watchable and the film looks impressive. I enjoyed the use of slo-mo and love the backdrop of Canary Wharf making London look all rather dark and hi-tech. Definitely go see it but go with an open mind – don’t expect the next big action flick and you’ll have a good time.



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