Movie – Warm Bodies

Ah, Nicholas Hoult. I loved him in About a Boy and was impressed with his turn in X-Men: First Class. But never before have I fancied him. I’m 31. I feel a bit of a perv (and a weirdo – he’s a zombie in this) but I definitely now do. Is he old enough for me to fancy him??

Make no mistake, Warm Bodies is a rom-com. I am the ultimate horror wimp and trust me, there are no scary zombies here. In fact, for someone who is as shy of true horror as I am, these are the best zombies in the world.

Hoult is charming as R, the main character and a zombie, or ‘corpse’, wandering the world feeling a bit lost. He falls in love with Julie, played by Teresa Palmer, after eating her boyfriend’s brains. Not the best start to a relationship.

The film isn’t completing engaging the whole way through – there is a section in the middle where I started getting a bit bored of R saving Julie for the umpteenth time after warning her not to wander off. But Hoult is a captivating lead and I would be happy to watch him play R for another 3 hours.

It’s not the best film I’ve ever seen but I enjoyed it immensely. The two leads are strong, Hoult in particular, and it screams feel-good factor without the in-your-face cheese that Hollywood tends to favour. It’s not a cinema must-see but definitely catch it when it’s available for home viewing.


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