DVD Library Mission #4 – The Bourne Identity

Got it on blu, watched it on blu. Didn’t think it could get any better but it totally did.

The Bourne Identity was not a film I loved on first viewing. To be honest, I watched it once it was on television having given it a miss at the cinema and thought it was a little clunky despite Matt Damon’s Jason Bourne being a captivating character.

Over time and numerous follow-up viewings after seeing the rest in the series (and loving them, bar Legacy which we will not talk about here – see http://mishmashmor.com/2012/08/20/review-the-bourne-legacy/), I am now firmly a Bourne Identity fan. Not often do sequels outdo their predecessors but this is one series where Supremacy outdoes Identity, and Ultimatum in turn outdoes Supremacy.

See it if you haven’t, and see them all.


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I write. Well, I try to write. Far less than I should. Mainly because I'm running around after my 1 year old daughter. Or because I'm sleeping. Same thing really.
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