Bookshelf Mission #1 – The Bourne Identity by Robert Ludlum

So, I adore The Bourne Identity (film). My main motivation for getting the book is because of how much I love the film so naturally, I wanted to get hold of the source material and see if it was a faithful adaptation. Well holy hell. The film is NOTHING like the book but that doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy it.

This book obviously has the same lead character in Jason Bourne and in a similar situation to start with, being an amnesiac with an amazing talent for inflicting pain. That’s where it ends. The book takes you on twists and turns so different to the film that only the reminder of Bourne’s name kept me on the same page as the film.

The momentum of the book doesn’t necessarily keep up all the way through (it’s looong) but it is mostly exciting, suspenseful and genuinely action-packed. I don’t have The Bourne Supremacy on my bookshelf at the moment but once I’m through with my bookshelf mission, I’ll sure as hell be getting it!


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