DVD Library Mission #1 – Skyfall

So I started my DVD library mission (in case you missed my last post, I’m working my way through all my DVDs; some seen, some not) with my latest purchase – Skyfall on blu.

What I only liked at cinema, I absolutely adored on second viewing. It’s a real shame that this is released in the same year as Life of Pi. The cinematography really is stunning but I fear it won’t stand a chance at the Academy against Lee’s showing this year.

Saying that, the film does still feel to me a tad too long. After meeting Silva (Bardem) the momentum does ebb and flow a fair bit, but admittedly this is a trait of most Bond films. But the opening is fantastic and ending sequence is a real thing of beauty, fiercely intelligent thinking and marvellous writing.

After the magnificence of Casino Royale (which I still prefer to this), and the uneven fun of Quantum of Solace (I’m one of few who didn’t hate it), what Skyfall does is really show what a fantastic Bond Daniel Craig is, and hopefully will continue to be for many a 007 film to come.

Essential viewing on blu-ray. Magnificent performances all round (bar Berenice Marlohe – I think if we only ever saw her character in the scene with the shot glass, the film would lose nothing).


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