Movie – Life of Pi

I don’t like 3D. I never have – the glasses annoy me and in 99% of the films I’ve seen it in, it has felt gimmicky and unnecessary (yes, this includes Avatar). So I went to see Life of Pi in 2D. I really wish I had seen it in 3D.

It is visually stunning. The colours and the CGI (bar a dodgy looking orangutan) are breathtaking. The screenplay is decent, the acting steady and the story both breaks your heart and makes it sing at all the right moments.

I absolutely adore Yann Martel’s book of faith, survival and truth. It weaves in and out of action adventure and study of spirituality with ease and confidence. It even made my mother, a true atheist, appreciate how beautiful it must be to truly believe in something pure and good.

The first time I read the book I instantly thought what an amazing film it would make. I was surprised to hear it described, like Lord of the Rings, as one of those stories that could never be successfully transferred to screen; I had just never thought of it in that way. I was delighted therefore when I heard it was being made for the big screen, and even more so when I heard Ang Lee of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and Brokeback Mountain fame was at the helm.

Yes, it does cut a corner here or there from the book but what movie adaptation doesn’t? It is simply impossible for a film to ever be as in-depth and detailed as a book – you would be at the cinema, bored to death, for hours on end. All the important things are there and the spirit of the book is loud of clear.

Go and see it, and see it in 3D. I know I will.


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