Movie – Sanctum

What on earth was James Cameron thinking, having any part of this atrocity? Granted, it looks nice, but I would have much preferred watching a cave diving/exploration documentary for a couple of hours than sitting through the abomination that is this film.

The potential for something good is there. But the producers seem to have forgotten that a movie needs good dialogue and reasonably skilled actors to deliver said dialogue. If I ever needed something other than Fantastic Four to tell me that Iaon Gruffudd is a terrible actor (I didn’t, by the way), this is it. Only young Rhys Wakefield gives him a run for his money in the hideous acting stakes. Admittedly the poor dialogue gave them little to work with but oh my word, it really is diabolical delivery.

Richard Roxburgh, who I always want to love for his fantastic scene-stealing turn in Moulin Rouge!, does what he can but really, this vehicle is beyond saving. As @showbizsimon ( says, it’s “eye turd”.


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