Movie – 30 Minutes or Less

Okay, so yeah, Jesse Eisenberg pretty much always plays the same character. But what fun when he does.

30 Minutes or Less is a fast, witty comedy in which Nick (Eisenberg) is a pizza delivery boy with some seriously good driving skills (read: illegal driving habits) who is kidnapped by two completely ridiculous villains (played by Danny McBride and Nick Swardson). They strap a bomb to Nick’s chest and order him acquire $100,000 for them or the bomb will go off. Any attempt to go for help and they will detonate the device. Cue tears, anger, pissed off assassins, quitting of jobs, robbing of banks, car chases, declarations of love and pen guns. Mindless fun on all levels.

Eisenberg is a steady comic lead – much like his contemporary Michael Cera, he has a great poker face and impeccable comic timing. But it’s his partner in crime Chet (played by Aziz Ansari) who really brings the laughs and every time he is on screen, I find myself eagerly anticipating his next line. The villains unfortunately are not as charismatic as the heroes. I constantly find it difficult to appreciate McBride’s particular brand of humour and after his star turn in Blades of Glory, I benchmark all Swardson’s comic characters on Hector and unfortunately, none yet have come up to the same level of genius.

A good pick for a light-hearted pick me up of a film.


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