Movie – Easy A

I watched this film months after every one else did and perhaps that delay worked against me, but for as much as it is quite funny and quite sweet and quite clever, it’s really not as back-breakingly funny or incredibly sweet or mind-bendingly clever as everyone seemed to make out.

Emma Stone is Olive, an 18 year old high school student who, in order to placate her inexplicably idiotic best friend Rhiannon (played by Aly Michalka), tells a little white lie about losing her virginity which within seconds lands her with an unsavoury reputation as ‘easy’. What at first is a rather fun mask for Olive to wear soon  leads to rather more trouble than the lie was worth and Olive finds herself a social outcast. A good modern day play on The Scarlet Letter, a book Olive’s class is studying in the film, the movie is full of enough one-liners and clever comebacks to keep you interested until its’ less than surprising conclusion.

Emma Stone carries the film with ease and charm and it is easy to see why she is Hollywood’s current starlet of choice. She also leads a very solid cast of misfits in particular the always excellent Stanley Tucci and Patricia Clarkson as her too-good-to-be-true parents, and Thomas Haden Church and Lisa Kudrow as her teachers. Don’t be fooled though, this is no Clueless or 10 Things I Hate About You, and I’m afraid to say in time it will rather fade into the abundant sea of nearly memorable teen flicks.


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